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HSN,new Sponsor of the Douro Vinhateiro Half Marathon 2024

The nutrition and healthy eating brand debuts in the race as a nutritional partner, offering the best supplies to the more than 5,500 participants in the 21-kilometer race.

The nutrition and healthy food brand HSN debuts as Official Sponsor of the Douro Vinhateiro Half Marathon in 2024. In this way, HSN will secure all supply points for the 21 kilometer race next Sunday, May 26th.

HSN will offer more than 5,500 athletes its best products, ensuring the best hydration, nutrition and recovery.

Among the products that participants will have available at each and every one of the longer distance supply points are:

• Evotonic: isotonic drink for fluid replacement, with carbohydrates, proteins and electrolytes.

• Evoenergy Gel: carbohydrate energy gel with vitamin C, potassium and sodium.

• Evoenergy Gel with Guarana and Caffeine: carbohydrate energy gel with guarana, caffeine, cyclic dextrin and palatinose.

• Evogummy Bar: energy bar in gummy format made with apple paste. With L-Glutamine and L-Carnitine L-Tartrate.

HSN has more than 2,500 references in its catalogue, products developed by its R+D team and manufactured in its own facilities, which have the highest quality and safety certificates: IFS (renewed in 2023 with the Higher Level assessment) , GMP, HACCP and GWP, among others.

The brand controls the entire process, from the selection of raw materials and suppliers to sending the final product to the customer, who purchases it in the online store. This eliminates intermediaries and favors HSN's own policy of Maximum Quality at a Correct Price.

This 2024, the HSNstore online store celebrates 15 years alongside all its customers, also in Portugal. Visit, fill your shopping cart with the best products and the best discounts, and receive it at home within 24/48 hours, with free shipping from €24.90.

Seventeenth Edition of the Douro Valley Half Marathon

Date: May 26, 2024
Peso da Régua, Portugal 

The Douro Vinhateiro Half Marathon, widely recognized as "THE MOST BEAUTIFUL RACE IN THE WORLD," will be back for its seventeenth edition on May 26, 2024. This iconic event continues to enchant runners and athletics enthusiasts from around the world, promising a truly unforgettable sports and wine tourism experience.

With the iconic starting point set at the Bagaúste Dam, participants will have the privilege of traversing the breathtaking landscapes along the Douro River, which borders the majestic vineyards until they reach the city of Peso da Régua, where the finish line awaits them. The race offers a unique opportunity to explore the vineyards, estates, and stunning scenery that make the Douro Vinhateiro one of the most beautiful regions in the world.

The 2024 edition promises to surprise and delight participants even more with a series of new entertainment and wine tourism offerings. Athletes and their companions can enjoy unique wine tasting experiences, cellar visits, and other wine-related activities that are an essential part of Douro's culture.

Since its inception, the Douro Vinhateiro Half Marathon has attracted athletes from all over the world, and the 2024 edition will be no exception. Over twenty thousand participants from dozens of countries are expected, all eager to compete in the majestic landscapes of the Douro Valley.

The organization of this unparalleled event continues to be handled by GlobalSport, a company with over twenty years of experience in major sports events, recognized nationally and internationally. The continued success of this race would not be possible without the support of numerous national and regional partners who share a passion for the Douro and sports.

The Douro Vinhateiro Half Marathon is much more than a race; it is a celebration of the natural beauty, culture, and wine of this iconic region of Portugal. The organization remains committed to providing an experience that is unique and can leave a lasting memory for all involved.

Registrations for the seventeenth edition of the Douro Vinhateiro Half Marathon - THE MOST BEAUTIFUL RACE IN THE WORLD are now open. For more information and registrations, visit the official event website at

Join us on May 26, 2024, and be a part of this spectacular race that celebrates the unique combination of sports, nature, and culture. Don't miss this opportunity to live a truly unforgettable experience.

About the Douro Vinhateiro Half Marathon The Douro Vinhateiro Half Marathon is one of the most legendary races in the world, known for providing a unique sports experience in the beautiful landscapes of the Douro Vinhateiro, classified as a UNESCO World Heritage site. The race is a celebration of the sport, wine, and culture of this iconic region of Portugal.

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