The Douro Vinhateiro Half Marathon takes place in the Douro Vinhateiro, organized by GlobalSport.


There will be three races:

  • Half Marathon, 21.097 km, for participants born in 2006 and earlier.

  • Timed Mini Marathon, 5 km, for participants born after 2008 (participants under 18 must be registered with an adult).

  • Mini Marathon, 5 km, open to all age groups and non-competitive. It is mandatory to wear the official event t-shirt during the walk. Only registered athletes are allowed to participate.


It will take place on May 26, 2024, at 09:00 AM.


The races have a time limit of three hours for the half marathon and one hour and thirty minutes for the mini marathon.

After the last vehicle of the race passes, participants on the course who wish to continue will do so at their own risk and must obey the traffic rules - the Road Code.


The information entered during registration is the responsibility of the user, who will be fully responsible for the accuracy, truth, and authenticity of the data.

By registering, you are voluntarily accepting the race regulations, as well as the code of conduct in which the commitment to comply with the measures for the prevention and control of SARS-CoV-2 infection and the guidelines of the Directorate-General of Health for sports activities is assumed, as well as the risk of SARS-CoV-2 contagion during sports practice.

Registrations can be made:

On the website https://events/ Registrations are only confirmed after payment. You should check your registration page for the registration confirmation.

5.1 - Payment must be made within the deadlines indicated on the registration platform. After this deadline, registrations for the event will not be accepted by the organization due to lack of payment. If you do not pay within the established deadlines, you must reopen the registration at https://events/ and generate new payment references with the price and registration conditions as of that date.

5.2 - If you pay after the date indicated in the payment instructions on the registration platform, your registration will be canceled. You will have up to 30 days after registration to request a refund, sending an email to to request it. A service fee of €5 will be charged for this service under the pretext of "Registration management expenses". If you want to register for the event, you should request a new code for registration, to which a service fee of €3 will be added under the pretext of "Registration management and bib printing" until one month before the race.

In the event of a refund, a fee of €5 under the pretext of "Registration management expenses" will be deducted from the amount to be refunded.

5.2.1 - Any change of data in the registration will have an associated cost of €5 and can only be made until March 26, 2024. The transfer of bibs/registrations or their sale to third parties is not allowed. The organization will prevent the registration of people who do so in future events by identifying the bib used by third parties.

5.3 - The organization reserves the right to assign VIP bibs to participants and guests. Any registered athlete can request a VIP bib from the organization until May 1, 2024, by proving that they have achieved a time of less than 1h15 and 1h20 in a half marathon (21k) and/or less than 33min and 37min in the 10k distance, for male and female categories, respectively, in the last two years.

The organization may at any time suspend or extend deadlines or add or limit the number of registrations for the event based on technical and structural needs/availability without prior notice.

The data used for the rankings are those provided at the time of registration.

IMPORTANT: Participants expressly consent to the transfer of their basic data to the insurance company responsible for the mandatory accident and civil liability insurance, as well as the disclosure of the rankings of the different races of the event. In accordance with data protection regulations, you may exercise your rights of access, rectification, cancellation, or opposition by contacting the GlobalSport email: in the future.



Half Marathon - €19

Mini Marathon - €14

Walk - €9

Until December 31

Half Marathon - €25

Mini Marathon - €16

Walk - €10

January 1 to April 30

Half Marathon - €30

Mini Marathon - €18

Walk - €10

May 1 to May 23

Half Marathon - €35

Mini Marathon - €20

Walk - €12

May 24 and 25

Half Marathon - €35

Mini Marathon - €20

Walk - €15

Online registration processing fees are added to the prices listed.

According to current legislation, the issuance of the invoice must be requested after the payment on the page where you made the registration. If you made the registration through a partner, you must request it with the data sent to your email at You have three days to request it.

*Partners who make registrations at their counters may offer special prices for the races.

**Free registration for children under 10 years old in the Mini Marathon when accompanied by an adult, until May 19, 2024. Two minors can be registered for each adult registered.


To collect the kit, the participant must present the registration confirmation and a photo identification document.

In case of stock shortage of the requested t-shirt size, an alternative size will be suggested.

The delivery of the race kit will take place on dates communicated on each event's page, and on the day of the race, kits will always be distributed.

If you cannot collect the bib in person, you can send your original registration confirmation by a third party to collect it.

All registered participants are required to write their full name, emergency phone number, and any specific health problems or ongoing treatment on the back of the bib.


Half Marathon 21km and Timed Mini Marathon

Athletes born in 2005 and earlier.

F/M40 (ages 40 to 44);

F/M45 (Ages 45 to 49);

F/M50 (ages 50 to 54);

F/M55 (ages 55 to 59);

F/M60 (ages over 60)

The category is considered based on the exact age on the day of the race.

To form a category, at least three participants of the same sex must be present at the starting line. Participants from categories that do not form will be included in the immediately preceding category.

Mini-Marathon - no classification


Half Marathon:

Water: 5km - 10km - 15km - Finish line.

These stations may change depending on weather conditions.

Mini Marathons:

Water - mid-course and finish line.


There will be medical teams at the event who, together with specialized ambulances, will provide all possible medical support in the initial phase. If further medical attention is required, it will be provided by the national health service.

The organization undertakes to enter into the sports insurance contract required by law, valid and in favor of all registered non-federated participants. If a participant is admitted to a National Health Service institution, they must inform the organization as soon as possible to activate the insurance, and the process may not be accepted if this notification is not made in a timely manner. Payment of the moderate fees is the responsibility of the participant and may be reimbursed by the insurer if the process meets the necessary requirements.

To discipline participants and control the flow of people and vehicles along the route, there will be law enforcement, identified volunteers, and organization members who should be given full attention and cooperation.

The transit of foreign vehicles is not allowed.

For the safety of participants, the participation of people, motorized vehicles, bicycles, those accompanied by animals, skateboards, roller skates, or other objects that may endanger the safety of participants is not allowed, and event security will remove them from the race.



The organization provides a space for a baggage room at the start/finish for participants in the Half Marathon and Timed Mini Marathon. To retrieve your belongings, you must present your bib.

We do not recommend leaving VALUABLES or fragile objects in the bags, as the organization is not responsible for any items left in the Baggage Room.


Participants will have access to showers at a location and time to be determined, announced on the official event website.


Half Marathon and Timed Mini Marathon.

The classifications will be presented at and may be subject to changes if discrepancies are found.


The race is timed using an electronic "chip" system. To be read, the athlete must, obligatorily, place the bib (which contains the chip) clearly visible on the front of the chest during the entire race in perfect condition. All participants in the Half and Mini Marathon must use the chip provided to the athlete, which is personal and non-transferable. The organization is not responsible for result presentation failures resulting from improper chip placement. Participants who use another athlete's chip, more than one chip, or fail to reach one of the intermediate controls will be disqualified.


All participants in the Half Marathon and Timed Mini Marathon who finish the race will receive a participation medal.

Monetary individual prizes, exclusive to the Half Marathon, will be awarded to male and female General classification participants, M40, M45, M50, M55, M60, F40, and F45 in the half marathon (For the awarding of prizes for the F45 category, the classification includes all female participants aged 45 or older on the day of the race).

The trophies for the top 3 male and female participants in the General classification of the Half Marathon and Timed Mini Marathon will be presented at the podium ceremony.

Half Marathon participants, regardless of their category, may receive the prize corresponding to their place in the General Classification, and these are not cumulative. The prize awarded will be the higher one.

The prizes in cash awarded will be subject to the current tax law.

15- JURY

The Jury of the race is the responsibility of the Regional Arbitration Council of the Vila Real Athletics Association.


Participants who commit the following infractions will be subject to sanctions:

  • Do not complete the starting control;

  • Do not complete the entire course;

  • Do not wear the bib clearly visible on the chest during the race;

  • Falsify any element related to their registration;

  • Run with a bib that does not match the registered name;

  • Run over sidewalks;

  • Intentionally harm their opponents.


Any complaint or protest must be submitted in writing to the race jury at the location within 30 minutes of the results being announced, along with a fee of 100 EUROS, which will be refunded if the protest is deemed valid.


Participants may be subject to doping control.

19- Regulations | Personal data | Responsibility

By confirming your registration, the participant declares the following: "I am in excellent health to participate in Running Wonders races. I exempt the organization and sponsors or other participating institutions from all liability for any accident or injury that I may suffer before, during, and/or after the sporting event, already waiving any legal action against any of the mentioned entities. During the competition, I will contribute as much as possible to avoid personal accidents.

I also authorize the Organization to use photos, videos, and any other type of audiovisual material in which I may appear for advertising purposes, accepting the publication of my name in the race classification, in the media, and/or on the internet, without expecting any payment, compensation, or remuneration for this.

The organization recommends that all participants undergo a medical evaluation before the event. All participants accept the risk associated